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Including Smart City, Smart Bank, Electric Power Industry, Smart Industrial, Smart School Park.

Smart Building

Core Value:

1. Environmental monitoring of the server room

Realize the integrated supervision of the environment of the server room, backup power supply, common power supply and personnel access in the building, so that the server room servers and equipment can maintain a good operating environment.

2. Energy consumption management

Realize the unified collection and management of lighting, sockets and air conditioners in the building, and realize intelligent control of air conditioners in the building.

3. Environmental monitoring

Realize temperature and humidity, air quality data collection in the building, and water leakage monitoring in the water area to ensure a safe and comfortable office environment.

4. Internet of things application

The equipment of environment monitoring subsystem, energy consumption management subsystem and environment monitoring subsystem in the server room are unifiedly accessed to realize the functions of data display, energy consumption analysis, alarm display, intelligent control, equipment inspection, etc.

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