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After-sales Service Commitment

Hangzhou ZANUO Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ZANUO”) carefully promises that all products produced by ZANUO, purchased through any formal channels that have the SN number on the label as the unique identification of the device ID number, are entitled of standard warranty service commitment of ZANUO products.

1. Product warranty period

From the date of purchase (subject to the date of the original purchase certificate), ZANUO products have the right to free warranty during the warranty period according to the terms of the signed purchase and sales contract. Please refer to the following table. If it is not possible to provide product purchase and sales invoices or receipts, it will be calculated based on the date of manufacture on the product label. After the warranty period expires, ZANUO will provide paid maintenance services in accordance with the "Charging Standards for Paid Services of ZANUO".

Special Note:

1.1 The warranty terms of special items are subject to the specific purchase and sale contract in accordance with the warranty scope of this service commitment.

1.2 The warranty clauses of the promotion machine or the demo machine's special resale are subject to the specific purchase and sale contract.

1.3 Packing boxes are not covered by the warranty.

2. Product warranty content and scope

Repair service

     During the warranty period, ZANUO will repair and replace parts damaged due to product quality for free. If parts are damaged due to improper operation or human factors, the company will charge a cost when replacing or repairing parts.

In one of the following situations, ZANUO will not provide free warranty service:

2.1 Exceeding the validity period of the above three guarantees or the free maintenance period.

2.2 Failure or damage caused by use, maintenance and storage not in accordance with the contents of the "Instruction Manual".

2.3 The product cannot be used normally due to the use of pirated, non-standard, self-edited or unpublished third-party software.

2.4 Failure or damage caused by abnormal reasons such as falling, extrusion, high temperature, corrosion, foreign matter entering the equipment, etc..

2.5 Failure or damage caused by misuse, accident, modification, improper physical or operating environment, natural disasters, power surge, and improper maintenance or storage.

2.6 Product failure caused by self-disassembly, repair, and installation without confirmation and guidance from the after-sales engineer of ZANUO.

2.7 There is no label indicating the name of the factory, factory address, production date, product serial number, product warranty card, or product serial number and label that are blurred, damaged, or unrecognizable.

2.8 When you need to get paid services, you can contact and negotiate with our after-sales service center, and certain maintenance costs and transportation expenses will be charged when repairing.

3. Special Note

3.1 If there is no special need, please do not attach peripheral hardware, cables and other items to the repaired product. If you have special needs, please contact ZANUO in advance and attach the relevant list when sending it for repair, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

3.2 Please choose the shipping method and carrier carefully and recommend to purchase transportation insurance. ZANUO will not be responsible for any losses you may cause during the delivery process.

3.3 In the process of daily use, especially before sending out the faulty storage product, please make sure to back up the information you think is important in time to avoid loss. ZANUO is not responsible for any loss caused by data loss during use or maintenance.

3.4 ZANUO reserves the right of final interpretation of this commitment, and ZANUO after-sales service center has the right to change and modify this commitment.

3.5 This commitment shall be implemented from the date of issuance.

4.Service supervision

     In order to continuously improve the after-sales service management and expand the new after-sales service model, ZANUO welcomes every customer to supervise our service or make suggestions for improvement. The company's service supervision contact information is as follows:

Contact: After-sales Department

Tel: +86-571-28312131


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