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Core Value:

1. Front-end intelligence, depth perception

Combined with the depth word learning algorithm, based on the front-end AI cameras / analysis equipment / edge server, etc. to achieve front-end intelligent depth perception, from the city of various scenes accurately and quickly extract people, cars, non-motorized pictures and part of the characteristics of data, and have part of the intelligent predictive capabilities of unexpected events, to provide effective and timely early warning capabilities.

2. Intelligent analysis, deep plowing big data applications

Combined with the depth of word learning algorithm, the massive video of people, cars, activities target structured data extraction, while the massive unstructured video, semi-structured pictures into valuable structured information, improve the system analysis and research capabilities, to promote the application of video surveillance mode from post-passive disposal to pre-active prevention change.

3. Video operation and maintenance, to ensure full-time availability

Through intelligent video operation and maintenance management platform for safe city system in a large number, a wide variety of front-end cameras, codec equipment, video integrated matrix and bayonet equipment for automated management, based on intelligent operation and maintenance means to achieve real-time monitoring of the operation status of the above equipment, video quality diagnosis, equipment failure event detection, and timely and accurate analysis and positioning of the root cause of the failure, the establishment of equipment files, standardized Management of various types of equipment resources.

4. Efficient cloud storage elastic expansion

With virtualized cloud storage architecture, based on centralized storage, unified deployment management to achieve unified data invocation and space management, truly realize information interconnection, eliminate information silos, and can avoid multi-point failure after business interruption, provide complete overall disaster recovery capacity and system recovery capacity, fully consider the integration of old and future expansion needs, to achieve transparent system expansion and capacity expansion.

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