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Core Value:

1. Electricity monitoring

Three-phase electricity safety monitoring, electricity circuit monitoring, energy consumption monitoring.

2. Environmental monitoring

Temperature and humidity monitoring, water leakage monitoring, UPS monitoring, video surveillance, intrusion monitoring, fire warning.

3. Data intelligent analysis

Comprehensive evaluation of the distribution room environment, predetermination of key equipment failure based on big data, regular analysis of telemetry data whether to cross the limit, changing telematics signal, abnormal access control signal, infrared alarm signal, abnormal temperature and humidity information, accurate judgment of warning type and location, and early warning screen pushing.

4. Video intelligent analysis

With image video storage and processing analysis functions, to achieve artificial intelligence discrimination, including wearing a helmet, regional intrusion, personnel down and biometric functions.

5. Rich interface, protocol diversification

Rich interface types, adaptable to various types of IoT equipment access; support for multiple types of communication protocols, to achieve different protocol conversion.

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